Who are we?

United by friendship since 2004, The Barjot Dunkers are a professional acrobatic basketball team. Performing at a professional level since 2012, they have since become the “must-see” event around the globe as one of the best shows in the world of dunk-on-trampoline!

Today, The slam dunk team have more than 2000 shows to its credit in France and abroad. Always at the forefront of innovation, the troop is recognized internationally with many references including the NBA, Jo2012, Euroleague, TV Show, European Championship, just to mention a few.

Acrobatic basketball team

In constant search for ingenuity and renewal, The Barjot Dunkers are number 1 in France and in Europe in the world of acrobatic basketball, graced with talent, show flexibility and the accessibility of their dunkers.

The team is proud to peform on all types of terrain, whatever the event may be !

You can be sure to find our jumpers around the globe!

More than 2000 shows !

Acrobatic basketball was born in the 80’s in the United States, rooted deep in the appreciation for American basketball culture, making its way into French entertainment years after. In the Vendée region in the West of France, The Barjot Dunkers deliver an exceptional show!

Today, the team has performed more than 2000 shows in both France and abroad. Established as a professional team since 2012, the Barjot Dunkers have become a key team in the world of dunk-on-trampoline shows!

For your events

Let yourself be marveled by one of the most exceptional sport shows around!

The Barjot Dunkers offers you the show of a lifetime, while comprising all your needs (half time shows, finales, initiations, burlesque shows…).

Find out more about how we can personalize our show to meet your needs!



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